[bouncy roxy on emofuri!]

only the first roxy gif works in full size :<

[ I have had multiple messages about the GIFs not working right when downloaded. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do for it :c I’ve replaced the files numerous times and it doesn’t seem to work..

I’ll be sending copies of the GIFs to commissioners, but that’s as far as I can go.]

[roxy made in emofuri!!]

Do you PURRhaps have any sort of sexy catgirl outfits?

TG: funny u ask dat becuz i have dis catgirl outfit meow ;3
TG: i wear it when people want me 2 show them whos da BOSS
TG: holla 2 all my dom ladies out theeeeeere

Hello Roxy! How do you feel about Jade's big lovable pet dog?


TG: we get along ;3 

'Scuse me miss Roxy, may I fuck your tight little asshole?

TG: dats cool but u have 2 get in line! ;)



- Aranea (All versions) $5
- Kanaya (All versions) $5
- Latula (All versions) $5
- Terezi (All versions) $5
- Vriska (All versions) $5
- NEW!!!! Porrim (All versions) $5
- NEW!!!! Nepeta (All versions) $5
- NEW!!!! Aradia (All versions) $7 


- Rose (All versions) $5
- Roxy (All versions) $5

Here is a video of the Aranea design on a pillow ordered from Artscow! (The material is polyester which almost feels like silk. The case is very high quality and glossy, none of that shitty cloth that will make the design look dull and cheap.) 

Hey guys! I’m currently trying to save up some money for the holidays. So I got a bit of an inexpensive treat for all of you guys! <3

The designs are in GLORIOUS HIGH QUALITY and big enough for you to FULLY ENJOY. 

All I ask in return is $5 through paypal. :) After that, you can keep the design to yourself or just go to get a custom body pillow case made! <3  I even got a little preview up for you guys (of course, you can upload the image and edit it yourself and make it as big or small as you want. 

My email to send money thru paypal is and make sure to specify if you want ROXY, ROSE, KANAYA or ARANEA.

Make sure to select family and friends to avoid any fees, if you don’t i WILL be sending you payment back.

If you DO NOT have a paypal account, you CAN send money through a debit card but you will have to pay the fee for that. :C It’s like an extra dollar.

MAKE SURE YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL IS CURRENT, and if it isn’t then please send me an email with your transaction number and let me know your appropriate email. You can contact me at

PS. if you donated $30 or more back in the Meet n Pail fundraiser, I will send the Aranea designs to you :)

Important note: This should be obvious but the dakimakura design will be for your own purrsonal use. You are not allowed to upload it to Rule 34, post on Tumblr or anything of the like. Even if you credit me. You obviously aren’t allowed to like make bulk orders and sell it or w/e, I know you guys have common sense but I still have to say this.

[ooc: pssst there ARE nude designs included i just can’t mention it on the original post since paypal could freeze my account for it.]

*Guy walks up in priest outfit* Begone vile succubus! *Splashes holy water all over you*

TG: ack what the hell?? wat was THAT for? >:/

TG: whOA

TG: i have now seen the light lol the lrod has forgiven me for my sinful actions ;3

Where is your main blog?


there you go, pal!]

Since you drink cocktails... do you wear cocktail dresses?

TG: i sho do! 
TG: hehehehe 
TG: were u expecting a dress with dix everywhere??
TG: psyche!
TG: i can be normal when i want 2 be ;)